Bumble’s Blunder: The Feminization of Men Strikes Again

Bumble, founded on principles of empowering women and fostering respectful connections, has not betrayed its user base but also contradicted its own original wacky concept. By trying to adapt to modern feminist ideals, they’ve undermined the very values it was built on. 

It’s time to address these misguided changes and expose their underlying agenda to destabilize, and eradicate, traditional gender roles that have built the very essence of our society for generations.

Bumble’s Original Concept

Bumble initially rode the wave of modern feminism, empowering women by making them initiate conversations based on their preference. This concept aimed to give women control over their dating experience, supposedly reducing inappropriate messages and unsolicited pictures. But was it really empowerment or just another gimmick?

The novelty wore off. Women found the responsibility of making the first move burdensome and tiring. Who could have seen that coming? The pressure to always initiate led to user fatigue and dissatisfaction, proving once again that straying from traditional roles creates more problems than it solves.

Rebranding MISFIRE

Bumble’s response to this feedback? A flashy rebrand with teasers, memes, and a wiped Instagram. They promised big changes but delivered minimal substance.

The most notable change? Automatic prompts for men to respond to after a match. So, now women can sit back while men come up with creative responses to pre-selected lines. Essentially, it’s back to the tried and true—men take the initiative, women respond. But Bumble dresses it up as innovation.

Go Woke, Go Broke

Lazy and ineffective, a reflection of the irony and confusion at the heart of their core strategy.

Slick visuals don’t make up for true substance. They built excitement and misled users into thinking real improvements were coming. But in reality, it was all smoke and mirrors. The changes were underwhelming, and the app still lacks meaningful enhancements.

Why Traditional Roles Work

Let’s face it: the automatic prompts are a predictable return to traditional gender roles. Men taking the initiative, women responding—sound familiar? It’s because these roles work. They’ve built and sustained societies for centuries. And the company’s rebrand inadvertently acknowledging this truth, is no rocket science. 

They don’t want to create real meaningful experiences, they prefer for people to stay hooked by their system. Users still can’t filter matches by crucial criteria like religion and politics. For those looking for true connections based on shared values, the app’s broken by significant flaws. 

It’s a blatant cash grab that ignores users' real needs.

The Broader implications 

The backlash was swift. Users slammed the changes on social media, calling them ineffective and unimpressive. The negative feedback on Instagram and Reddit speaks volumes about Bumble’s failure to listen to its community.

But their blunder is not an isolated incident, it reflects a broader societal shift to feminize men and undermine traditional roles to censor and promote ideologies that confuse and weaken men, young adults, and children through all fronts. A trend we've been outspoken about for years now!!

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Corporations, dating apps, the porn industry; they bombard us with estrogenic chemicals from plastics, junk food, and sedentary lifestyles. We’re inextricably indulged into living depersonalized lifestyles that demonizes normal, heterosexual, masculine men, labeling them "toxic" while promoting non-masculine behavior. 

It’s no surprise testosterone levels have been declining for decades:

  • 17% testosterone drop among 60-year-olds in 2004 compared to 1987.
  • Sperm count and strength in men decreased with a 32.5% drop in mean sperm concentration over the last 50 years and a significant reduction in grip strength among young men compared to 30 years ago. 
  • Significant growth of U.S. adults identifying as LGBTQ+ has increased from 3.5% in 2012 to 5.6% in 2020 according to Gallup.
  • Approximately 1.4 million adults identify as transgender in the U.S, and Gen Z men (born 1997-2002), 15.9% identify as LGBTQ.  

Weak and feminized men are easily controlled — their ultimate goal.

Solution: Take Control of Your Mind & Health

Bumble’s misguided rebranding effort is just another example of the broader agenda to feminize men and undermine traditional values. It’s time to stand up for what works and defend the principles that built our society. Don’t be fooled by superficial changes and flashy marketing. Stay strong, arm yourself with knowledge, and take control of your health and values.

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At Black Forest we've been speaking about this crisis since day one. The feminization of men is a problem, and it’s time to stand up for the traditional values that built our society. Don't be fooled by superficial changes and flashy marketing. Stick to what works, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Stay Strong!


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