Joe Biden: Warmonger or Globalist Puppet?

These past few years the world seems to have endured a RADICAL shift and escalation in its geopolitical tensions. War has shown its horrors all around Eurasia, from the Russo-Ukrainian war to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and now with China surrounding Taiwan, things are looking very eerie. 

But how did we get here? Has diplomacy gone mad all of a sudden? Who are the key players in this massive chess board of rivalries and alliances. Do their strategies even make sense?

We’ve got a hypothesis: the results of a country governed by incompetence, or the machiavellian schemes of one man, Joe Biden.

A world hanging by the thread, thousands of lives perished, taxpayers' money drained, Joe Biden’s administration has created a legacy of destruction and failure showcased by a warmongering pursuit reflective of an imperialistic desire that baffles the entire world.

Are his motivations in America’s best interest? Is he planning something to get us out of the gutters? Is he the leader of the free world, or another puppet of the system? 

Let 's dive in.

Imperialism, Warmongering or Globalization? Which is it?

The US has a long history of military assistance & interventions that have consistently resulted in FAILURE. From the Vietnam War and the Korean War to the more recent conflicts in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan, the pattern of intervention has been clear. These wars have not only amassed massive loss of life, but have also led to political instability and economic devastation in the affected regions.

  • Vietnam War: Over 1.1 million Vietnamese and 58,000 American deaths.
  • Iraq War: Hundreds of thousands of deaths, destabilization, and no WMDs found.
  • Afghanistan: A 20-year occupation ending with the Taliban regaining control.
  • Ukraine: Congress has now approved nearly $175 billion of aid and military assistance with an estimated death toll surpassing the hundreds of thousands.

Globalism, Imperialism… in government terms, it’s WARMONGERING

The Israel-Palestine Conflict

In three years Biden’s administration was able to urge and finance not one but TWO WARS in critical regions:

  • Military Aid to Israel: Approximately $3.8 billion in military aid annually.
  • Human Cost: Thousands of lives have been lost, and many more displaced due to ongoing military actions.

Trump's Peace to Prosperity Plan

During his administration, President Trump introduced the "Peace to Prosperity" plan, aiming to address the Israel-Palestine conflict through DIPLOMACY. A $50 billion plan intended to boost the Palestinian economy and proposing a two-state solution that sought to ensure security for Israel as well.

However, as the plan was struck down by UN & EU officials, Biden was allowed to sent over $94 billion in a SINGLE foreign funding bill to maintain their war machine well alive. 

Remember, they don’t want to negotiate, they want war.

The Broader Implications

The US's aggressive foreign policy destabilizes regions and impacts global security, evident in:

  • Ukraine's continual destruction in spite of our “ballistic and economic support”.
  • Germany's Nord Stream pipeline BOMBING (in which Biden’s caught on record saying he would shut it down), striking Europe’s entire economy without hurting its targeted enemy: Russia.
  • The drainage of taxpayer money in Ukraine & Israel regional conflicts that could instead be used to handle our own CRITICAL domestic issues

They view our military heroes as pawns in their game of power. While we support and are PROUD of our military for defending our nation, and believe in America’s role as guardian of the free world, we reject their exploitation as puppets of a globalist agenda led by a sinister, greedy, bloodthirsty government that seeks to destroy western civilization as we know it.

The New Realm of Tyranny

They are stopping at nothing! They’ve unleashed a war on freedom on all fronts, coming for our military, our economy, and our health. 

The US government's imperialistic pursuits, driven by failed policies, continue to inflict harm domestically. Agencies like the IRS and the Department of Veterans Affairs have amassed significant arsenals, with armed non-DoD federal employees surpassing the Marine Corps' 186,000 members. 

When the government uses deadly force to collect taxes and enforce unconstitutional laws, it signals a takeover by traitors.

At Black Forest we’ve endured this crisis firsthand. Since the FDA controls ALL health in America, they’ve been lobbied by Big Pharma to turn NMN, one of our best-selling solutions, into a drug; restricting access to a supplement that could significantly improve people's lives.

NMN, a precursor to NAD+, provides numerous health benefits, including:

  • Improved energy 
  • Weight management 
  • Endurance
  • Strength 
  • & anti-aging 

Yet the government, Big Pharma, and the FDA crave for a centralized control over OUR health products to stifle choice and innovation, SERVING big pharmaceutical interests over public welfare. 

This situation mirrors the broader issue of government overreach and manipulation. Our military is disregarded for individual rights and welfare just as they do to everyday American citizens. Foreign policies are destabilizing regions for strategic gain, like the FDA's actions against NMN, our health, prioritize control and profit over America’s well-being. 

It’s time we speak up for our right to access beneficial health products and FIGHT BACK against those who seek to limit our choices. 

As Americans, as a tribe, we must stand strong, stay informed, and not let anyone dictate what's best for our freedom and health. 

May God Bless America! 

Stay Safe.

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