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The recent backlash against NFL kicker Harrison Butker's speech at a Catholic college has ignited a fiery debate about gender roles and societal expectations. Praising traditional values and women’s roles as wives and mothers, Butker’s “outrageous” speech was met with well… you know.


What Butker Said

Harrison Butker highlighted the joy and fulfillment his wife found in her roles as a wife and mother, suggesting that many women might find similar happiness in traditional roles. Delivered at a Catholic institution, the speech aligned with the college's teachings on marriage and family. Butker stated that while some women may pursue successful careers, many find their greatest joy in marriage and raising children.

Yet, the reaction to Butker's speech was swift and severe, to put it mildly. Critics, like the hosts of the Karen Podcast, labeled him "the most sexist white supremacist dick" they've ever heard. Eddie Vedder mocked Butker's call for men to "maintain their masculinity," sarcastically suggesting that traditional values have no place in modern society, and that he looked “like a pussy”. A former Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader also chimed in, claiming Butker's views contradicted the team's values and could harm its image. The attacks were relentless, aiming to publicly shame Butker for his views.

The Mind Virus’ "Professional Concerns"

The criticism from the former Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader was especially pointed. She essentially demanded that Butker abandon his personal beliefs to fit the team's "brand." This notion of sacrificing one's identity and convictions for a polished image is quite ironic.

While we might think it’s absurd to expect someone to suppress their values for the sake of a brand’s perceived image, for others that seems like a completely rational thing to say in a supposedly FREE country. Her argument, insisting that Butker’s views were a "f*king disgrace", seemed more like an attempt to impose a narrow narrative from a bitter person, rather than reflecting the true diversity of opinions within the team.

Attack on Masculinity and Religion

The push to emasculate men is clear. Our environment is filled with estrogenic chemicals from plastics, junk food, and sedentary lifestyles, contributing to the decline of masculinity. Testosterone levels have dropped significantly, sperm counts are plummeting, and young men are losing physical strength. This attack extends to religion, where symbols of faith and family are under constant assault. 

We've seen a decline in our families, institutions, and religious values, resulting in an EVIDENT moral vacuum in society:

  • Testosterone levels have been declining for decades, with a 17% drop among 60-year-olds in 2004 compared to 1987. 
  • Sperm count has decreased by 32.5% over the last 50 years, and young men's grip strength is significantly weaker than 30 years ago.
  • Church Attendance is below 50% for the first time since 2020.
  • The percentage of Americans identifying as Christians fell from 78% in 2007 to 65% in 2019.
  • Young adults are increasingly identifying as religiously unaffiliated. Among Millennials, 40% identify as "nones" (no religious affiliation).

The decline in Christianity parallels the attack on Butker’s stance on defending traditional values and family structures. At Black Forest, we recognize the importance of defending these principles, and our commitment remains unwavering

It’s because of these reasons that we offer products like Turkesterone to help maintain your strength and uphold your beliefs amidst societal changes.

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The Tribe's Stance

To combat these problems, lifting weights, getting high-quality sleep, and sunbathing for 30 minutes per day can help. But one of the most effective ways is taking Turkesterone, a natural supplement that increases muscle mass, helps cope with stress and fatigue, and boosts energy. At Black Forest, we offer the Highest Quality Turkesterone to help you reclaim your masculinity and stand strong against the tide of modern feminization.

We believe in the strength and stability that traditional family structures and religious values bring to our society. The support for Butker shows that despite the relentless push to emasculate men and undermine traditional values, there is still a significant base that holds these beliefs dear. At Black Forest, we are committed to defending these values and helping you maintain your strength and convictions. 

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