Tackling The Pre-diabetes Epidemic: The Transformative Power of Black Forest's 5x Berberine™

Pre-Diabetes - Black Forest Dihidroberberine with ceylon cinnamon

In a nation where a staggering 38% of adults are teetering on the precipice of type 2 diabetes, the silent undercurrent of prediabetes is a health epidemic that remains alarmingly under the radar. Prediabetes, characterized by blood sugar levels that hover above normal yet shy of an official diabetes diagnosis, often operates in the shadows, eluding detection. 

Yet, its insidious presence brings with it a host of concerns ranging from fatigue and metabolic syndrome to severe cardiovascular issues and nerve damage. Unfortunately, much of today's healthcare approach offers merely superficial remedies, prioritizing short-term symptom relief over a genuine resolution, leaving patients in a cycle of dependency and escalating health challenges.

At Black Forest, we don't see prediabetes as an insurmountable health crisis, but as a wakeup call, signaling an urgent need for a comprehensive nutritional intervention.

Diving deep into cutting-edge research, liaising with world-class experts from top-tier academic circles, and drawing from extensive feedback from health-conscious individuals, we've unearthed the underlying factors contributing to elevated blood sugar levels. We firmly believe that the primary concerns associated with prediabetes – such as lethargy, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular complications – can be substantially mitigated by tapping into the synergistic potential of our latest formulation. 

Introducing our transformative supplement: Black Forest 5X Berberine™ containing Dihydroberberine combined with the potent properties of Ceylon cinnamon.



Combating Muscle Loss & Aging Through Blood Sugar Regulation

Black Forest 5X Berberine - Dihidroberberine with Ceylon Cinnamon

Our modern diet, laden with refined sugars and processed foods, combined with sedentary lifestyles, has precipitated a crisis where unstable blood sugar levels have become the norm. This volatility in glucose concentrations doesn't just lead to fatigue or mood swings—it sets off a cascade of health issues ranging from weight gain, compromised cardiovascular health, to the heightened risk of type 2 diabetes.

Additionally, unstable blood sugar levels can accelerate protein degradation in muscles, leading to muscle atrophy over time. As we grow older, our muscles naturally begin to lose their mass and strength, a process known as sarcopenia. This muscle loss not only affects our physical capabilities but also has implications on our metabolic rate, making weight management increasingly challenging.

Moreover, the continuous wear and tear on our metabolic systems due to blood sugar volatility can speed up cellular aging. High blood sugar levels can induce oxidative stress, which, in turn, damages our DNA and proteins, setting the stage for premature aging.

Enter Black Forest's 5x Berberine. This formulation is a testament to our commitment to not just addressing the superficial symptoms, but to holistically combat the intertwined challenges of muscle loss, metabolic imbalances, and aging. By supporting the body's natural mechanisms to stabilize blood sugar, we inadvertently aid in muscle preservation and decelerate the aging process. With Black Forest's 5x Berberine, you're investing in a future where muscle vigor persists, and the grace of aging is embraced with fortified health.

Cutting-edge Ingredients explained

What is Dihydroberberine?

Dihydroberberine is a derivative of berberine, a naturally occurring alkaloid found in various plants, including the barberry shrub, goldenseal, and Oregon grape.

Historically, berberine and its derivatives have been used in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic practices for their potential medicinal properties. Dihydroberberine, in particular, has garnered attention for its enhanced bioavailability compared to its parent compound, berberine.

While berberine has been recognized for its potential benefits in supporting healthy blood sugar levels*, cardiovascular health*, cellular repair*, and endurance* Dihydroberberine is believed to offer the same benefits but with 5x the absorption and without the typical side effects. 

What is Ceylon Cinnamon?

Ceylon cinnamon, often referred to as "true cinnamon," is derived from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum verum tree, native to Sri Lanka.  Unlike its more common counterpart, cassia cinnamon,  it's prized in medicine for its unique health benefits, such as blood sugar regulation*, anti-inflammatory effects*, and rich antioxidants*. 

Additionally, Due to its lower coumarin content, which in high amounts can be liver-damaging, Ceylon cinnamon is safer & more beneficial for regular consumption than cassia.

Why Combine Both?

Combining Dihydroberberine with Ceylon cinnamon in a supplement is a strategic approach to amplify their individual metabolic and anti-aging benefits. When paired together, the two can work synergistically to enhance blood sugar regulation* and support cellular health*.

This not only ensures a holistic approach to metabolic and anti-aging support but also aids in muscle maintenance and recovery*, making the combination of dihydroberberine and Ceylon cinnamon a smart choice for comprehensive health and well-being.




The Science behind the best comprehensive health supplement known to man often dubbed “natures metformin”

Berberine’s Science

Dihydroerberine Plant
  • Blood Sugar Lowering Effect: A study published in the journal "Metabolism" in 2008 found that berberine is effective in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus. The study reported that berberine functions similarly to the drug metformin and is effective in lowering blood glucose levels.
  • Mitochondrial Enhancement: Berberine has been found to stimulate the activation of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), often referred to as a "metabolic master switch". AMPK activation boosts mitochondrial function, which is crucial for cellular energy. Enhanced mitochondrial health plays a significant role in anti-aging, as observed in a study published in "Cell Communication and Signaling" in 2019.
  • Muscle Protein Synthesis Support: A study from the "Journal of Cellular Biochemistry" in 2012 highlighted that berberine can counteract the mechanisms leading to muscle atrophy. This can be particularly beneficial for older individuals experiencing muscle loss or sarcopenia.
  • Improving Insulin Sensitivity: Berberine has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, making it more effective in lowering blood sugar levels. A study from the "European Journal of Pharmacology" in 2009 suggested that berberine increases insulin receptor expression, enhancing the body's ability to use insulin.
  • Lipid Profile Improvement: Not only does berberine help in blood sugar regulation, but it also has a favorable effect on lipid profiles, as indicated in the journal "Atherosclerosis" in 2008. This is important because diabetics often have associated lipid imbalances.

Ceylon Cinnamon’s Science

Ceylon Cinnamon
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Chronic inflammation is associated with aging and muscle degradation. Ceylon cinnamon exhibits potent anti-inflammatory effects, as highlighted in the "Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine" in 2015, which may help counteract age-associated inflammatory processes.
  • Muscle Recovery and Oxidative Stress: The antioxidant properties of Ceylon cinnamon can assist in reducing oxidative stress in muscles post-exercise, potentially aiding in faster muscle recovery and protection against muscle damage. This is supported by a study in the "European Journal of Applied Physiology" in 2013 that looked at the impact of antioxidants on muscle health and recovery.
  • Glycemic Control: A study published in the journal "Diabetes Care" in 2003 found that consuming as little as 1 gram of cinnamon per day can improve blood sugar, triglyceride, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes.
  • Insulin Sensitivity Improvement: Cinnamon has been observed to act on cellular insulin receptors, thereby increasing their sensitivity and aiding in more efficient glucose uptake, as discussed in a review article in the "Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology" in 2010.
  • Potent Polyphenols: Ceylon cinnamon contains antioxidant polyphenols and proanthocyanidins that are thought to enhance insulin signaling and have potential benefits in blood sugar control.

The Problem with Other Berberine Brands

The expanding awareness of berberine's health advantages has led to a proliferation of brands presenting subpar products. Many of these offerings fall short of the claims on their labels, leaving consumers with reduced benefits and sometimes, undesired side effects.

  1. Bioavailability Concerns: A predominant challenge with standard berberine is its lackluster bioavailability. Many competing brands stick to the conventional berberine, meaning users must ingest more to achieve the same results.
  2. Reduced Side Effects with DHB: One of the distinct advantages of dihydroberberine over regular berberine is its gentler profile. Many users of standard berberine report digestive side effects. DHB, as used in our Black Forest 5x Berberine, is known to provide the benefits without those commonly associated side effects.
  3. The Power of Synergy: Most brands overlook the harmonious combination of berberine and Ceylon cinnamon. Black Forest's specific pairing of dihydroberberine with Ceylon cinnamon not only amplifies the supplement's potency but also offers a combined benefit not readily found in other products.
  4. Purity Concerns: There are valid concerns about the inclusion of fillers and the overall purity of berberine in many products. In contrast, Black Forest 5x Berberine ensures a high-purity product without unnecessary fillers or additives.

The Black Forest Guarantee

  1. 5X MORE ABSORPTION THAN REGULAR BERBERINE: Black Forest's 5X Berberine contains Dihydroberberine (DHB), an active metabolite of berberine. Compared to regular berberine, DHB has shown to be up to 5x more bioavailable, and 2x longer-lasting (8 hours vs. 4 hours).
  2. ENHANCED WITH 4000MG OF CEYLON CINNAMON: We added high levels of of ceylon cinnamon for extra support as these herbal supplements work synergistically to support your berberine weight loss, healthy insulin and blood lipid level goals. 
  3. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: This pure Berberine supplement definitely does assist in weight and body fat management by inhibiting the enzyme lipoprotein lipase (responsible for an increase in fat storage)
  4. CARDIOVASCULAR & GASTROINTESTINAL CARE: When it comes to Berberine and heart health, it provides excellent cholesterol care and other heart-healthy measures. It is also quite effective against the majority of common gastrointestinal infections
  5. USA PROUD AND VEGAN SAFE: Black Forest’s Dihydroberberine supplement is manufactured in a GMP Approved Facility and 3rd party tested for safety right here in the USA, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and Vegan Safe.

Black Forest 5x Berberine: Your Health, Our Priority

At Black Forest, we're committed to offering you the best Berberine supplement out there. And how can we be so confident? Because we crafted this formulation with your specific needs at the forefront.

Through comprehensive surveys and in-depth conversations with our loyal customers, we discerned that superior blood sugar management, anti-aging benefits, and enhanced muscle preservation were paramount for our Black Forest community. These insights drove us to push the boundaries of supplement innovation.

With a heart full of passion and a mission to transform lives, I am thrilled to introduce Black Forest 5x Berberine, supercharged with dihydroberberine and the synergy of Ceylon cinnamon. I genuinely believe this supplement will make a marked difference in your health journey. Here's to embracing a healthier, more vibrant you. Stay Strong!

Antonio Colmenares

Black Forest Supplements CEO

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