America’s Debacle: The Death of Fatherhood in Modern Society

Fatherhood has long been the cornerstone of America, playing a crucial role in the development and stability of this nation.

As we witness the gradual erosion of family structures by the modern agenda, it's imperative to recognize and address the impacts of fatherlessness in America’s future development, or its potential demise.

Fatherlessness: A Growing Concern

Though for many it might seem like an obvious fact, for others it isn't so clear that the absence of fathers in the home has profound repercussions

According to a 2022 report, approximately 18.3 million children live without a father in the home, representing about 1 in 4 children in the U.S. Additionally, research indicates that children from fatherless homes are at a higher risk of suffering from mental health issues, engaging in criminal activity, and experiencing educational challenges.

For example, 70% of youth in state-operated facilities come from single-parent homes. Children with engaged fathers are 43% more likely to earn A's in school and 33% less likely to repeat a grade. Moreover, fatherless children are more prone to substance abuse, with 71% of all high school dropouts coming from fatherless homes.

And these stats are just the tip of the iceberg. Strong paternal figures are needed in America, as in ANY other country, but modern society isn’t so worried about it. And there’s a reason why…

Fatherhood, Mental Health & Crime

Children from fatherless homes often experience lower self-esteem and higher rates of anxiety and depression. Humans are biologically designed to need a male role model to guide them growing up. Without it, the emotional toll can lead to behavioral problems and a higher likelihood of suicide attempt. In fact, 63% of youth suicides occur in fatherless homes.

Not only that, but the link between fatherlessness and criminal behavior is alarming. Children from single-parent homes are more likely to engage in delinquent behavior and are at a higher risk of incarceration. Statistics show that 70% of youths in state-operated facilities come from fatherless homes. 

So evidence shows the terrible results of fatherlessness, yet the trend seems to keep pushing towards more fatherlessness than that of the opposite. And few seem to be doing anything about it!

What the system does is attack the nuclear family through every conceivable angle. By economic policy, political reform or cultural ideology. 

Fatherlessness is on the rise, fertility rates are plummeting, all while gender & feminist ideology is taught on school curriculums, and abortion rights are instilled at government level. Coincidence?

These ideologies have contributed to the cultural shift that’s dividing the household to discard fatherhood from the picture. They’ve devalued the role of fatherhood to BREAK our society; to leave everyone, men and women, out in the cold. 

Weak and docile, we become vulnerable and susceptible to their control. 

Restoring Traditional Values

To counteract these forces, it's essential to promote the importance of traditional family values. Strong family units, with fathers playing an active role, are fundamental to building a stable and prosperous society, an undertaking that involves not only physical presence but also emotional and moral support.

Yet to do so, men must achieve their optimal function. To lead by example and fulfill their purpose in life

Aristotle's vision of the ideal man, the "great-souled man" or "magnanimous man," epitomizes the pinnacle of manliness through the achievement of eudaimonia: flourishing. For Aristotle, true flourishing required not only excellence in virtue but also in all aspects of life, including wealth, beauty, friendship, oratory skills, and health. 

This great-souled man embodies both inner virtues and outward qualities, representing the complete fulfillment of human potential and greatness. 

The Solution

The strength of a nation is rooted in the strength of its families. By reinforcing traditional values and supporting fatherhood, we can work towards a more stable and prosperous future. 

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By promoting strong families and traditional values, we can forge a worthy legacy, and a safer nation for future generations.

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