Defend Your Lineage: Turkesterone & Tongkat Ali

The startling decline in male fertility and vitality is a modern health crisis! It serves as a dire wake-up call, signaling a deeper & ALARMING assault on traditional masculinity & threatening the protective core of every  household, the FATHER.


The Underlying Catastrophe 

The numbers paint a grim picture: sperm counts among men have plummeted by a staggering 50% since the 1970s, and the global fertility rate has nosedived from 4.7 to 2.4 since 1950. Moreover, testosterone levels have been on a worrying decline, diminishing at a rate of 1% per year since the late 20th century.

Amidst this chaos, media giants’ manipulation fuels the fire by constantly advocating for alternative lifestyles and identities (if you know what I mean). Furthermore, the pervasive presence of estrogenic chemicals in everyday products disrupts hormone balance, contributing to the decline in male fertility and vitality.

These aren't just isolated occurrences; they're symptoms of a broader campaign against traditional masculinity. These combined factors, coupled with societal pressures and the push for alternative ideologies, create a perfect storm threatening to erode masculinity as we know it.


The Beacon of HOPE

Black Forest Turkesterone with Tongkat Ali

There’s a breed of individuals who refuse to be shackled by the expectations of the status quo (you each know exactly who you are). That’s why, in response to your invaluable feedback, insights, and comments, we've crafted a product that transcends the ordinary—forged from our collective vision and your unwavering spirit. We're excited to introduce Black Forest’s newest weapon: Turkesterone with Tongkat Ali. A groundbreaking synergy, meticulously developed to revolutionize your journey towards unparalleled strength and vitality.



Why Turkesterone?

Back Forest Turkesterone

Our known and tried hero: Turkesterone is a powerful phytoecdysteroid found in certain plants, recognized for its remarkable ability to stimulate muscle growth and enhance physical performance naturally. Unlike synthetic anabolic steroids, Turkesterone does not bind to androgen receptors, which means it offers significant gains without the associated side effects like hormonal imbalances or liver toxicity. 


Turkesterone Benefits

  • Increase Protein Synthesis: Significantly accelerates the body's ability to build muscle by enhancing the process of protein synthesis, providing the building blocks necessary for muscle growth.
  • Boost Athletic Performance: Improves strength, endurance, and recovery times, enabling athletes to train harder and recover faster, pushing the limits of their physical capabilities.
  • Reduce Fatigue: Helps in reducing the sensation of fatigue, making it easier to sustain longer and more intense training sessions.
  • Support Stress Management: Exhibits adaptogenic properties that aid the body in managing stress, crucial for maintaining focus and motivation.


Why Tongkat Ali?

Back Forest Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali, or Eurycoma Longifolia, is a medicinal herb from Southeast Asia, revered for centuries for its ability to enhance vitality, sexual health, and hormonal balance.


Tongkat Ali Benefits

  • Improve Testosterone Levels: Natural compounds in Tongkat Ali can help in promoting optimal testosterone levels, which is vital for muscle growth, fat loss, and sexual health.
  • Enhance Sexual Function: Known to improve libido and sexual performance, Tongkat Ali addresses various aspects of sexual health, making it a comprehensive solution for enhancing sexual well-being.
  • Support Mood and Well-being: Beyond its physical health benefits, Tongkat Ali has been found to improve mood and reduce stress, contributing to better mental health and overall life satisfaction.
  • Increase Energy and Stamina: By supporting hormonal balance and reducing fatigue, Tongkat Ali helps maintain high energy levels throughout the day, essential for both physical and mental activities.


A Synergistic Powerhouse

Turkesterone with Tongkat Ali's SYNERGY

The fusion of Turkesterone and Tongkat Ali creates a synergy that amplifies their individual effects, enhancing not just muscle growth and physical performance but also overall vitality and well-being. It provides a unique balance, ensuring that the physical benefits are complemented by emotional and hormonal support, making Black Forest’s Turkesterone with Tongkat Ali a groundbreaking addition to your health regimen.

This powerhouse duo is poised to redefine the limits of natural supplementation, propelling you into a realm of peak performance, vitality and strength; ensuring that you are equipped to meet the demands of a rigorous lifestyle with resilience and prepared to protect your family unit anytime, anywhere.

Black Forest’s Turkesterone with Tongkat Ali is being born from the alchemy of your feedback and our expertise. Together, we've harnessed the raw, untapped power of two of the world's most potent natural extracts. This isn't just a supplement; it's a testament to the strength of our community, a blend forged in the fires of your ambition and our dedication to excellence.

Final Thoughts: A CALL TO ARMS!

This is more than a commitment to excellence; it's a call to arms for those ready to transcend the ordinary and embrace their ultimate potential. With the unparalleled synergy of Turkesterone and Tongkat Ali, you're not just preparing for the challenges ahead; you're setting the stage for a legacy of unmatched strength, vitality, and well-being.

By further IGNITING the power within you're inherently fortifying the shield that guards your family unit.

Your journey to greatness is personal, but you're not alone. Black Forest Supplements is with you every step of the way, armed with the wisdom of nature and the power of innovation. Turkesterone with Tongkat Ali is your ally, your edge, and your declaration of strength in a world that demands nothing less than the best.

Embrace the power. Embrace the transformation. Embrace your peak. The time is now to redefine what's possible, to push beyond boundaries, and to claim the vitality and strength that is rightfully yours. Join us on this journey. Forge your path with our TRIBE’s new weapon: Turkesterone with Tongkat Ali, and let the world see the full magnitude of your power.

Stay sharp, 

Joe from Black Forest.


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Hey I was just curious because you when I placed my order almost 2 weeks ago jack from black scout survival said if we go ahead and order the “COCOA” Powder from black forest you will get a ONE free gift A brand new product called TURKESTERONE/ TONGKAT
I JUST ASSUMED IT WOULD BE mentioned maybe in the email but it was not.
And my sole reason for ordering the “COCOA” Powder was to get thd free gift .
Thank you for your Time and Hope to Hear back from you soon, Skål bródir

Martin Coleman

So enjoy taking you tukesterone. Cant wait to try this new blend

Robert Long

Do you offer military discounts?
Semper Fi, Brian

Brian Castle

When is the release date?


You guys are great. Just started on the Cocoa,Turkestrone/Tongkat


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