Before the pandemic, 9 out of 10 people in America proudly claimed their Christianity. Less than four years have passed , and now only two out of three, or 68% of all Americans say they are christian. Faith in God is at its lowest point in history; a horrifying idea when one understands the danger it entails, and the calamities it could bring to the very essence of the American spirit.

So, when the core principle of an entire nation hangs by threads, thrashed by its own people, what happens then to the land of the free, deprived of belief?

A country without God?...


The Masked Uprising

After two years of lock-down, we were obliged to reinvent our lives between closed doors. Many managed to work it through introspection, taking the time for self-improvement, and emerging even stronger than before. Nonetheless, another side of the story cannot be ignored.


About The Statistics

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, anxiety and depression prevalence increased by 25% globally.

“Risks of changes in the mental state of the population came mainly from external risk factors, including prolonged lockdowns, social isolation, inadequate or misinterpreted information, loss of income, and acute relationship with the rising death toll.” 

Alternative medicine and herbs like Cistanche Tubulosa & Tongkat Ali can help in reducing these effects with stress relief* & cognitive function*, but the issue at stake is broader than that, so keep reading to find out.


Internet Weaponized

The complexity of the problem is still hard to grasp, yet it’s understood that in times of crisis, wheels are put into motion. Mail ballots during elections, tireless vaccine campaigns and compulsory ideological propaganda; all forced upon through our sole connection to society at the time: the internet. 

  • Instead of Sunday communion, we had “Moderna vax '' choreographies and songs. 
  • Instead of Bible reading, we had BLM and Greta preachings of morality and guilt. 

At a time in which spiritual belief should’ve been stronger and more prevalent, it seems to have suffered a hostile takeover from wokeness syndrome. The church lost all credibility and was thrown into the ditch, leaving immoral tyrants to become the paragons of cultural enrichment.


The God Complex of the Deep State

According to George Bana, Director of Research at ACU's Cultural Research Center, only 4 out of 10 Evangelicals agree that human life is sacred, and only half of them (2 out of 10) say abortion, “other than sparing the life of the mother or the child, is morally unacceptable. That leaves us with 80% of Evangelicals complying with abortion!

Why do you think they want fewer babies? Why do you think that men, family, and religion’s become the main target of the spiritual war unleashed on the West? 

Tell us in the comments what you think!


The Real Reason

Throughout history, Christians have faced a constant battle against three principal temptations that first confronted Eve and Jesus, showcasing the unchanging strategy of Satan due to its effectiveness. These temptations include the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the most insidious, the pride of life, the same sin that led to Satan's fall from grace. 

Characterized by a desire to elevate oneself above others, contradicting the humility and self-denial Jesus advocated for, his pride fuels the other two temptations and is a major source of conflict and division, distancing men from God and others.

Maybe we are distancing ourselves from faith, and true purpose. We are desensitized from the world, and we are losing connection to humanity. And maybe, we are being fed by entities whose pride and narcissism makes them believe, not to be sons in the image of God, but to be God himself, allowing them to do whatever they please with the world.



In the art of war, Sun Tzu explains “hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting”. This is why we are living a spiritual war; which is won by the first who breaks the soul of the enemy. So having criteria and rationale threatens the establishment, therefore we’ve become the enemy.

Their tactics consist of infiltrating our homes through the media, undermining our national dignity and sovereignty by opening the borders without scrutiny, allowing a coerced transculturalism to blindfold the values that built the very foundations of our institutions.

Without identity, when anything is possible to the point of disregarding nature’s good-will, chaos’ brought forth. 

Open Borders, No Moral Barriers, All Hell Breaks Loose

Christian attacks are on the rise around the globe. This holy weekend, Islamist terrorist group ISIS resurged and attacked in Moscow killing 40 Christians and leaving more than 100 injured. Last year in the US there were 436 hostile acts against Christians, with reports warning of: 'Growing disdain for Christianity'.

And the numbers will keep growing as they keep spreading globalization ideologies. With the current crisis, migrant influx has risen. While it’s in our nature to protect our homes and values, they’ll accuse us of xenophobia and racism for wanting to secure our borders; but the government doesn’t care. 

During war:

  1. the price of labor goes up,

  2. the government needs cheap labor

  3. hence they’ll open the borders.

However, many of these illegals don’t bother about our way of life, with some even boasting of their unrestrained invasion and disregard for the law. This is not the immigration that originally built America. The land of the free was envisioned by an idea of true cultural development and respect. Yet these people are undermining patriotism, religious belief, and even the reputation of hard working legal immigrants searching for better lives, the American way.  


Join US in The Path of The Tribe

Securing borders, wanting safe & clean cities, caring for public spending, having strong belief in God, we stand united in our quest for a world where these values are not just upheld but celebrated. Our beliefs in a higher purpose, the power of ambition, the significance of healthy competition, and the necessity of respect and purpose form the cornerstone of our greatness. 

At Black Forest, we develop our products understanding that true wisdom encompasses all aspects of life, guiding us through trials and illuminating our path towards self-liberation from doubt and despair.

Our NMN will support you in your journey by giving you a mental boost*, the energy you need to face your days and overcome the challenges to come*. Our Cistanche with Tongkat Ali will improve your mood*, relieve some stress* from all the noise surrounding us in these uncertain days as Americans. Together, these will allow you to stay sharp* and ahead of the curb*.


Our journey is one of unity, resilience, and unwavering faith.

Step forward with us at Black Forest—where every voice is heard, every belief respected, and every individual empowered to achieve their fullest potential.

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This Holy Week, we extend a heartfelt invitation to you, our valued readers, to join us in rediscovering the peace that comes from faith and the strength derived from family bonds. Embrace the opportunity to master your spirit, cultivate humility, and unlock the greatness that resides within you.

May God Bless America! 


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I agree with everything you said. I would only dd this look at tgevriot causes of any issue that is seriously troubling the world and peace, there’s a CIA connection. The borders are fucked up because our information agencies gave infiltrated and installed puppet governments. Tyrranrs which frightened the local peasants and farmers, subsequently driving them out of their countries towards mexico and ultimately the United States. Global wars,drugs,assassination you name it, we’re in it. It is ending now, I hope we’re smart enough as a nation to land on our feet. If we fuck round with Russia,China or Africa, we’re done.

Robert Brenton

Great blog! Love the faith aspect of your blog as well as the good truth info.

Angie Sullivan

Great article to induce a needed reflection. Our civilization are at stake due to the lack of moral values and a clear direction towards human evolution. If your products help to keep the mind sharper, I surely will take them, hoping others to follow. It’s essential to have good health if you want to chieve your dreams and goals. Thank you for this food for thought. I really appreciated it. And great writing skills! Congrats.


Can you please send me a phone number

Ruperto L Vasquez

TOTALLY agree with John’s comment above…. Christ NEVER said i’d be easy, but he did told us i’d be worth it 💪🏾💪🏾 Thank you Black Forest


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