NMNH: Defying Aging, the FDA, and Big Pharma’s RULING

Aging remains one of humanity’s most profound existential challenges. It grows more complex as we live longer and push the boundaries of science and society in our quest for healthier lives. 

At Black Forest we’ve been playing our part in trying to solve this universal puzzle.

With extensive scientific research from distinguished institutions, backed by our development team, and encouraged all the way through by your helpful insights on product reviews, we’ve not only heard of but proven the positive results people have experienced with implementing NMN into their lives.

This is why we are DEEPLY DISTURBED by the FDA’s unjustified restrictions on NMN. 

Tragically, as history has taught us, politics progresses at a slower pace than society does. While some are seeking to provide people with life-enhancing solutions, Big Pharma, backed by the government, seeks to hamper the free market supply of NMN to control its increasing demand.

For this reason, after much-dedicated work and research, we’ve turned the tables and developed NMNH, or as we call it, Big Pharma’s Achilles Heel.


NMNH: a Beacon of Hope

NMNH has the same exact benefits as NMN, only difference? It doesn't fall under the same legal jargon as NMN because of its slight molecular distinctiveness. 

Include hydrogen in the formula, and BOOM, flies under Big Pharma and the FDA’s oversight (keep reading to learn more of the science behind NMNH).

We created NMNH (Dihydro Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) to provide our tribe with an alternative; with an opportunity to continue to benefit from this revolutionary technology that will make their lives significantly healthier and greatly improve their aging process.

More than two years after being founded, we stand STRONGER THAN EVER in our commitment to work only towards you, our TRIBE’s, best interest!

And we’ll continue to do so for many more to come.

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The Regulatory Challenges Facing Traditional NMN

Despite demonstrating a wide range of benefits and helping millions worldwide, the path to bringing NMN to market has been fraught with regulatory hurdles because of the massive popularity it has gained since its successful inception

Naturally, this has captured the interest of powerful scavengers who seek to control the market for profit rather than for the benefit of people. 

MetroBiotech, a company co-founded by former NMN advocate David Sinclair, is spearheading the ban. They lobbied the FDA to reclassify NMN as a prescription drug, with the “ulterior motive” of eliminating all competition and issuing their own proprietary blend of NMN called MIB 626.

Basically, they want to OWN the entire supply of NAD boosters.


Where the Black Forest Tribe Stands

Black Forest has been at the forefront of the legal battle to keep NMN affordable and accessible, reflecting our commitment to health sovereignty and consumer rights. Nonetheless, we are standing at a breaking point on the argument of FDA dominance over dietary supplements.

Their ruthless mafia has truly limited our capacity to give NMN the platform it deserves.

While they legalize harmful drugs and allow them to run rampant across the country, NMN, a naturally occurring molecule found in every living cell of all life forms, is now suddenly chastised from the public and considered a drug. 

This rattled us at Black Forest, just as it shocked the entire supplement industry. Despite presenting scientifically proven results from natural components, being sold across the world, and having no evidence of harmful effects, the FDA keeps doubling down in its decision.

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The Benefits & Science of NMNH

NMNH is designed to help you avoid / minimize the natural consequences of aging in your body by activating the proteins that guard our genetic information. These proteins rely on a steady supply of NAD+ to properly function. In other words, it repairs and polishes your system, allowing you to cruise for longer, stronger, and livelier! (Just like NMN)

In studies, NMNH not only boosts cellular energy and suppresses metabolic pathways that accelerate aging, such as glycolysis and the TCA cycle, but also evidenced direct correlation to the following benefits: 

  • Higher levels of NAD+ (responsible for key cellular functions, including metabolic pathways, DNA repair, & immune cell function)
  • Reduction in weight
  • Lowered cholesterol levels
  • Decreased high blood pressure
  • Increased energy, stamina, and metabolic health
  • Improved endurance and recovery (VO2 max maintained its rate)
  • Stabilized resting heart rate
  • Repaired skin health
  • Enhanced strength

Additionally, there have been studies suggesting how NMNH’s faculties can improve symptoms in Alzheimer’s patients and reverse vascular aging.


Standing On Business: What We Gained! 

NMNH represents not just a supplement but a symbol of innovation and freedom in personal health management. It exemplifies Black Forest's dedication to pioneering products that empower individuals to control and gain an advantage over their health and aging process and MOST IMPORTANTLY, it rectifies our position and course of action when having something (ANYTHING!) being unjustly taken away from OUR TRIBE (now or in the future). We fight for our people. 

NMNH: The Tribe’s Ace of Spades

We invite you to explore the benefits of NMNH and support our ongoing efforts to ensure its accessibility. By choosing NMNH, you're not only investing in your health but also joining a movement dedicated to safeguarding natural health solutions against undue regulatory interference.

Embrace a proactive approach to aging with NMNH and join a tribe that values health autonomy, intellectual independence, and scientific evolution. 

To celebrate this historical milestone in our Tribe’s journey, we are selecting you to be part of the FIRST few people to try our new limited edition NMNH.


Join our tribe’s VIP List to get exclusive access.
(NMNH will only be available for two WEEKS)
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Join us on this decisive journey to defend our freedom. redefine what it means to age gracefully, and benefit from the true power of THE TRIBE!


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Kathy Hasselmann

Thanks so much for fighting for our freedom. I feel AND KNOW that the supplements that you are producing are vital to my health and progress as a human being! It’s all our earth. Shouldn’t we be able to make ourselves better. Keep winning!!!!

Jacob DeMarco

Send me updates to consider purchasing

Jeff Hayden

Glad to help.

James Morales

Curious thought on this new product, if it is more stable and more bioavailability is possible, why lower the Mg’s? I would prefer the same Mg’s and reduce the amount taken per day. Just a question

Brandon chrisman

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