The Silent Martial Law: A Deep Dive into the Weaponization of Regulatory Agencies

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In today's rapidly evolving political and social landscape, it's crucial to understand the subtle shifts in power dynamics, especially when it comes to the agencies that govern our daily lives. While the term "martial law" typically conjures images of military personnel patrolling the streets, the reality is that a more insidious form of control is emerging, one that operates under the guise of regulatory oversight.


The Unseen Power of Regulatory Agencies

It's alarming to note the increasing militarization of every traditionally non-military government regulatory agency. For instance, the IRS, known primarily for tax collection, has stockpiled 4,500 guns and 5 million rounds of ammunition. Similarly, the Department of Agriculture, responsible for overseeing our food supply, has acquired thousands of .40 caliber submachine guns. Even the Smithsonian, a cultural institution, now employs 620 armed special agents.

This trend isn't limited to just a few agencies. The Department of Health and Human Services acquired 4 million rounds of ammo and 1,300 guns, including five submachine guns. The Environmental Protection Agency owns 600 guns. The Social Security Administration secured 800,000 rounds of ammunition for their special agents, along with body armor, guns, and night vision goggles. The question that arises is, why do these state regulatory agencies need such firepower?

The Illusion of Safety

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One could argue that these agencies are merely preparing for unforeseen threats. However, when the U.S Postal Service fields a tactical team, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – an agency concerned with weather forecasting – has its tactical unit, it's hard not to see a pattern.

The Real Cost of Overreach

Beyond the obvious concerns about potential misuse of power, there's a more profound implication. These agencies, in their rush to arm themselves, are diverting funds from their primary missions. Money spent on firearms and ammunition is money not allocated to tasks like tax collection, agricultural oversight, and cultural preservation. This diversion of resources raises questions about the priorities of these agencies and their commitment to their actual jobs.

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The Path Forward

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When a government is more willing to use deadly force to collect taxes than to defend its borders, it's evident that the reins of power have shifted. The very essence of democracy and freedom is under threat, replaced by a looming shadow of tyranny. 

At Black Forest Supplements, we’ve personally witnessed the tyranny with even the best NMN supplements, the FDA's recent moves to reclassify NMN as a drug, thereby allowing pharmaceutical giants to monopolize it, is not about our safety. It's about control. It's about ensuring that we remain tethered to a system that profits from our ailments, a system that would have us pay exorbitant amounts for what we can currently access affordably.

Now, more than ever, it's crucial to take charge of our health and well-being. If we don't, someone else will, and their intentions might not align with our best interests. Be warned, the day might not be far when agencies might target us and other defenders of our health.

In these trying times, it's not just about survival; it's about thriving. Let’s thrive together and prepare for the worst because our country, our families, and our freedom depends on it. 

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Please don’t take my not ordering your products as me not supporting your ideals.I’m a retired vet and live on less than 600 bucks a month SS.I’d really like to try your products but they are out of my range but I’m happy for you.You seem to have a great business and the right frame of mind for patriotism.Watch your back in these evil times.Maybe one day we can turn our flags right side up again.FJB!
Always Faithful

David Toney

Great article! Your questions are on point. Why? You are right, this is a communist takeover, led by Barack Obama and his minions

Rod Miller

This has been the government’s way of sidestepping the constitution in regards to not being able to have a standing army on American soil.

Michelle Sharpe

It might be cheaper through them??? Although I don’t agree with them making it a drug a hundred dollars a month is to much for some of us to pay … Sadly I broke my neck and upper back and am disabled 😔 I probably won’t get my comments approved anyways and if I don’t that will tell me your no different than they are …

James e wilkey jr

Yes I know all about that. Well informed!
Keep up the good work.


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