The War on Freedom: Unveiling the Globalist Agenda to Undermine American Values

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Sets of globalist organizations funded by government and corporations are making deliberate, profound attempts to shut down dissenting voices. Beasts are looming over our homes, our families, hiding under our grid of perception, and they´ve unleashed a war on spiritual freedom.

Clues to the puzzle

Men have always been protectors of the pillars of society: education, economics, healthcare, the justice system, culture, and art. Yet, these are under attack, and are rapidly decaying through forced politicization, recreating the equivalent of a Maoist reeducation doctrine in America; purporting our intrinsic understanding of reality to accommodate the beliefs of a new world order. 

Sissy America. Sounds familiar? Well… this is what the government wants. A low testosterone, rainbow colored star spangled youth. 

The Undeniable DATA

  • In 2021, approximately 42,000 children and teens across the U.S. received a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, which is nearly triple the number reported in 2017 (gender dysphoria is when there's mismatch between a child's gender identity & their biological sex)
  • Not only are teachers forcing gender ideology in the classrooms, brainwashing kids, but are outright lying to parents about their child’s sexual orientation. According to California Law AB 957 (Assembly Bill 957) “Parents who do not affirm their child’s chosen gender identity (regardless of the child’s age) risk losing custody.”
gender dysphoria

Education comes first, and foremost, from home. At Black Forest we understand that parents carry the responsibility for their child’s education, however, the government disagrees. They are forcing our children into a system which disregards the role of family in their formation, introducing them to a world of desperation, anxiety, and weakness. A society dependent on an omnipotent, all inclusive government. 

And as complex AI algorithms integrate more and more into our education system, lives, and devices, they’ll continue to feed us drugs and ideologies until we all turn into fat, gender confused, scooter riding hipsters. You think we are joking?


OUR KIDS are watching...

“Body inclusive, anti-diet movements” gather millions of views, comments, and likes through Tik-Tok and Instagram (posts who ours, yours and millions of young children are watching). So called “influencers” are applauded for fostering harmful and unhealthy diets. All the while, obesity rates are scattering through the roof, tripling from what it was in the 70’s,  with more than 41.9% of American adults, and 19.7% of the youth suffering from it. If our math is correct, of every 10 people you meet on your way to work, on a hot date, or the gym, 5 are obese. Cool right?

Despite information being more accessible than ever, it seems that the internet, instead of informing about the benefits of healthy lifestyles, and helping people in their path to wellness and enjoyment; has opened a Pandora's box far more dangerous to the tethered fabric of society.

The legacy of our ancestors is mocked by forces who continually undermine history and the basic principles of nature. And it’s no coincidence… 


What we MUST Do

Docile, weak and demoralized men. Veiled under the insidious language of care, concern, safety and convenience,  wokeness is poured down media platforms to destroy our values, our understanding of history, masculinity, home, religion, and family. 

Hence why we mustn't forget that we stand at a  moment of radical transition. The deep state is desperately holding its grip on power; and AI, the digital revolution, are the keys to the reins that rule modern America. But these keys, as any weapon of mass destruction, require two trigger masters to work. They depend on us, independent men, to detonate their totalitarian rule. 

Claiming back our freedom

We are on the verge of one crisis to another. And crisis is used to legitimize certain solutions. Remember Covid, and Big Pharma’s profits. Think how our tax dollars drain funding wars for the interest of men in suits. If a docile public is willing to participate in their proposed solutions, that usually means giving up freedom in exchange. 

They are leveraging that power through censorship, militarizing regulatory agencies, introducing protest and censorship laws. They know marginal voices are the biggest threat for their power. 

Thus, it is our responsibility to exert our individuality through all fronts. Show them true strength of mind and body. The spirit of the tribe must be unleashed, and here at Black Forest we work hard to attain this mission. 

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Realistically my good ppl… if voting honestly made a difference it would be a crime to gather & cast votes. The illusion of freedom & patriotism are nothing but a strategic PSY-OP motivator. The Machine has grown to strong due to our wilful absence from our very own existence thru the guise of freewill. Our ignorance has been exploited & we deny this very fact. Our heads have been in the proverbial sand far to long & I fear that just being WOKE may not be enough. Complete UNITY is our only hope to a new way. We need to believe that standing together,thinking as ONE will we defeat the machine. For if we cannot unify we will fall from existence….

Human I Am

With the advancement of technology and government control what we’re seeing is an infrastructure being set into place comparable with China’s social economic state. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Alonza Blanding

We have to wake up NOW! This is our chance. Amazing article, wide opening. I’ll resend and repost. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy BlackForest’s products, but after reading this I’ll definitely join the tribe.

Jake Musser

Extraordinary article. Very importat to take under consideration its warnings. Congratulations. Talented writer.


I need to try this I’ve been poisoned 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 too long helpe

Diana Buffa

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