What High Testosterone Does to a Man

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Men with high testosterone levels are viewed as being better equipped to protect their communities from outside dangers and uphold social order.

In Black Forest, we think of the perfect man as having the ability to be aggressive or beastlike while being able to manage it. Our military is a prime illustration of this. All of those individuals undergo extensive physical and mental training to develop into their most lethal selves. Yet, they are able to control it such that it is only used as needed (in combat).
These traits are also present in masculine men with high testosterone. These males just use their fortitude & stoicism to defend their families rather than their nation.


Men vs Society

Similar to how cute, tiny dogs descended from wolves…these days many wish to domesticate modern men and turn them into delicate and feminine beings.

It’s okay when everything in society is functioning exactly as it should. It’s okay when there isn’t a tyrannical government, it’s okay when everyone has your best interests at heart, and it’s okay when human rights are respected. But, whenever shit hits the fan you want to be physically prepared for anything that might come your way. 

When shit hits the fan. Everyone reverts to their gender roles and men are the ones who have to provide and protect.


Signs of high testosterone in a man

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 Source: www.genesysmenshealth.com 


Success and High Testosterone

Success in contexts that are competitive, like business or athletics, is correlated with high testosterone levels.

It is well-recognized that testosterone is a hormone linked to characteristics like aggression, competitiveness, and risk-taking. These signs are frequently viewed as helpful in competitive settings where people must be able to take risks, establish dominance, and strive for victory.

Higher ambition and competition may result from high testosterone in men, which may boost earnings and promote corporate expansion.
Similar to how it might offer sportsmen an advantage in competition, men with high testosterone levels have been linked to increased physical stamina, aggression, and strength. Higher testosterone levels may make athletes more driven to win and more willing to take chances to do so.


High testosterone levels boost drive and vigor

Signs of high testosterone in a man have been linked to more vigor and motivation because it is known that testosterone regulates the body's metabolism and energy levels.

Does testosterone increase stamina? High testosterone in men may boost stamina and endurance, enabling them to sustain intense physical activity and difficult tasks for extended periods of time. Also, men may feel more desire, motivation, and focus, which can support them in pursuing their objectives with more vigor and resolve.
Having lots of energy and desire might make a man with high testosterone more patient and kind with his kids. He might find it easier to be attentive to his kids' needs and to participate fully in family activities. Positive memories and experiences can be made as a result, helping to strengthen the relationships between fathers and their kids.


High testosterone and memory

Increased mental acuity, memory, and resilience may also be linked to high testosterone levels.
Testosterone has been associated with enhancements in verbal fluency, spatial ability, and memory. This might make it easier for people with high testosterone levels to remain attentive and concentrated under difficult or stressful circumstances.


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