The Government DOUBLED DOWN!

Last week, we wrote a piece on the deliberate attacks on Christianity in America. Stark surprise, this Easter Sunday, the White House fully rebranded and made a proclamation for their latest holy celebration: “Trans Visibility Day”.

In the twisted currents of America's cultural and ideological battleground, the White House's doubling down on their sinister agenda to proclaim Transgender Visibility Day on the same day traditionally reserved for Easter Sunday. This deliberate choice, emblematic of a deeper clash between woke ideologies and Christian values, has unleashed a reckoning with the essence of American identity.


The Cultural Clash on a Sacred Day

At the heart of this controversy lies the juxtaposition of Transgender Visibility Day with Easter Sunday, Christianity's holiest day, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This “innocent coincidence”, signals more than just a conflict of dates. It represents a profound shift in societal values, prioritizing gender ideology over a millennia-old religious commemoration. We see this as a direct challenge to the sanctity of Christian traditions, an ideological invasion on spiritual territory.


The Government’s Hypocrisy

Drawing upon the fervor and devotion seen in political arenas, similar to the religious devotion surrounding politicians, one observes an ironic duality. The hypocrisy of the government that once engaged in solemn, near-sermon-like political gatherings now finds itself shocked when Christian’s defend Easter against blasphemy.

They blast President Trump for selling bibles on Easter, but ban religious themes from The White House’ traditional Easter Egg Hunt. They promote ideologies, and shut down dissenting voices. It's a growing divide, where allegiance to traditional values becomes a litmus test for patriotism and moral integrity.


The Woke Calendar

The placement of Transgender Visibility Day on Easter underscores an ideologically driven reconfiguration of cultural and religious milestones. This act is not just a scheduling oversight but a symbolic displacement of Christian values from the public square, replaced by a celebration that lacks the historical and spiritual grounding of traditional religious holidays. 

We only have one Easter, but the LGBTQ+ community,  have Transgender awareness week, trans awareness month, international day against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, a gender pride day pan sexual an pen romantic awareness day, and the list goes on and on. You get the idea…


A Nation at a Crossroads

America stands at a crossroads, where the celebration of diversity and inclusivity collides with the preservation of historical and spiritual heritage. The controversy over aligning Transgender Visibility Day with Easter is more than a matter of scheduling; it's a reflection of the broader societal debate over identity, ideologies, and the role of government pushing narratives for dominance and control. 


The Tribe Treads Forward

As we navigate these complex and often divisive times, our role at Black Forest becomes ever more critical. We are not just observers of this cultural and ideological battleground; WE ARE PARTICIPANTS, guardians of a set of beliefs and values that define us as a tribe. This moment in history, marked by the contriving of Transgender Visibility Day with Easter, serves as a poignant reminder of our allegiance to our convictions.

In the face of shifting societal values and priorities, Black Forest stands as a beacon for those who seek to preserve the sanctity of traditional beliefs and practices. It's a call to action for us to foster a community that not only respects but champions the historical and spiritual heritage that has guided generations. Our commitment to these principles is not about exclusion but about honoring the depth and richness of American tradition.

At the Black Forest Tribe, we don’t ACCEPT our voices being SHUT DOWN or our convictions to be manipulated. It’s the sole reason this whole company was created! To avoid consuming products we DO NOT TRUST in order to manufacture our own, natural, trustworthy, effective, hidden gems. (Why hidden? Because they’ve kept them & are still keeping them from us). 

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We create our own TOOLS to tread on the path less traveled.

For this reason, at the Black Forest TRIBE we listen to our fellow members. Though our SMS EXCLUSIVE TRIBE LIST & in our comment sections right below each blow, we allow free speech for our community to engage with our ideas and latest offers.

This is our time to shine, to show the world the strength of our convictions, and the depth of our commitment to the principles that define us. Let us move forward with courage, integrity, and an unwavering dedication to the values that unite us as a tribe.

Comment your thoughts below, ANY you might have ⬇️ - LET'S BUILD A CONVERSATION

And always remember to STAY STRONG & PREPARED.

See you in the next one. 

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Great article, thanks!


Great article! I buy your products and am proud to support your view on this issue.

Mike Medlin

There is no better time to take a stand for God than now.
Thank you for speaking out!!


I personally think taking Easter away is insane for trans visibility. Pick another day if you must have this as a holiday. We have a holiday for mothers day masked with LGQBT or however you say it for the month. Completely out of left field.

Joseph Tanner

We should not be surprised at all the things that are happening. It’s written down in the scriptures. We should be prepared accordingly and not fear but trust in the ALMIGHTY GOD who we should be serving by being a witness and expect scoffing.

Calvin Eller

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