The Great NMN Chase: Standing Up to Big Pharma’s Quest for the Next Blockbuster Drug

Imagine a world where the keys to vitality and longevity are held hostage by a few colossal entities. That's the reality we face as Big Pharma tirelessly scouts for the next big moneymaker. NMN, with its remarkable potential in anti-aging, has caught their insatiable greed. But instead of making it broadly accessible, these giants plot to barricade it behind the walls of prescription requirements and exorbitant pricing.

At Black Forest, we're not just supplement providers; we're advocates fighting in a complex battle for health autonomy and free market competition. This narrative is about more than just NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide); it’s about challenging a system rigged by the greedy alliances of Big Pharma, Big Insurance, the FDA, and an all-too-compliant government.


Shadowy Puppeteers: Big Pharma and the FDA’s Complicity

Dive a bit deeper, and it’s clear who pulls the strings. Powerhouses like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, and Roche don’t just dominate the market; they manipulate it. Their influence extends beyond the boardroom into the very halls of the FDA. 

To illustrate the idea, Pfizer has an estimated market cap of $157 billion, and John & Johnson of $348 billion, putting them on par with the entire GDP of some advanced, high-income economies such as Hungary, Denmark, Portugal and Singapore.

With a budget heavily padded by industry money, the FDA finds itself meddling in a compromising dance of oversight and indebtedness. This cozy relationship has fostered an environment where drug approvals are expedited for those with the deepest pockets, sidelining smaller, innovative firms that might disrupt the status quo. 

They are the ones holding the scale, weighing our priorities shoulder to those of Big Pharma. 


Scandals and Manipulations: A Pattern of Misconduct

The track records of these corporations are tainted with scandals ranging from concealing harmful drug effects to engaging in blatant price gouging. Nearly 1 in 4 Americans taking prescription drugs report difficulties in affording their medication, and approximately 29% of adults have not followed their prescription regimen due to cost concerns, leading to aggravated conditions from easily addressable diseases. 

Such behavior isn't just unethical; it's a systematic exploitation of consumers who bear the brunt of their actions through higher healthcare costs and limited access to essential treatments.


Big Pharma’s Real Game - Monopoly Over Innovation

Beyond the scandals lies a stark shift in industry strategy: from pioneering research and development (R&D) to a focus almost solely on mergers and acquisitions (M&A). This pivot isn't about fostering innovation but about controlling it. By acquiring smaller firms and their intellectual property, pharmaceutical giants keep themselves entrenched at the top, unchallenged and unaccountable. Case in point, Sovaldi—a drug originally developed from academic research to treat degenerative blindness. Gilead Sciences acquired it and fixed its price at a staggering $84,000 for a treatment course.


Leveraging from Public Research

Behind the scenes, pharmaceutical giants tap into publicly funded research conducted by institutions like the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Once the potential of a discovery is demonstrated, these companies swoop in, patent the innovations, and scale up distribution. What’s at stake? The privatization of benefits derived from taxpayer-funded research. A model, rooted in public research, yet reaping insurmountable private profits at the expense of those allowing it, American taxpayers.

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A System Rigged Against Its People

Despite President Trump's promising executive orders aimed at reducing drug costs to allow a more competitive environment, the Biden administration postponed the implementation of a key executive order intended to lower prices by 2022 to January 2023. The order included medicines such as Insulin and EpiPen, which prices were nearly 2.5 times higher in America than other countries. Not only that, but the administration has twice rejected advocacy groups’ requests to regulate Xtandi patents.


Potential Implications for NMN

These troubling trends suggest that if NMN transitions into a regulated pharmaceutical drug, it could be patented and sold at high prices, similar to other life-changing drugs such as Sovaldi or Xtandi (a cancer treatment with a wholesale cost ranging between $160,000 and $180,000 per patient a year). This would likely make NMN accessible only through insurance, adding another layer of complexity and potential inaccessibility for those without comprehensive coverage or looking for a facilitated way of buying NMN.

In other words, we are encroached by a system rigged from its root. The Government enforces taxpayers to acquire insurance policies (to otherwise get fined when trying to avoid it!). Once you get into the “seemingly not-obligatory” healthcare system, the pharmaceutical industry benefits from research funded by American taxpayers, to further keep us dependent on insurance companies with their monopolized drug supply and, in this way; keep us trapped in the cycle of an abusive socialist system.


What We Must Do - Our Call to Arms

However we can, as a tribe, we must safeguard access to healthcare solutions. By launching NMNH as a limited edition product, we stand firm against the manipulative tactics of Big Pharma, Big Insurance, the Government, and the FDA. These entities are on a relentless quest for the next blockbuster drug, and they will attempt to monopolize any promising compound—including NMNH. But we are determined not to let that happen.

Our release of NMNH is our stand in the ongoing battle for health autonomy. It represents our commitment to keeping groundbreaking advancements accessible and affordable. By choosing NMNH, you are JOINING US in this crucial fight

The fight for access to promising health solutions like NMN is not just a challenge—it's a critical mission that demands our collective action. At Black Forest, we see every day as an opportunity to stand against the oppressive tactics of Big Pharma, Big Insurance, the FDA, and a complicit government. These forces are perpetually on the hunt for the next blockbuster drug, eager to lock down any potential breakthroughs, including NMN, through monopolistic practices.


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How You Can Join the Fight

  1. Educate Yourself and Others: Stay informed about the realities of the pharmaceutical industry and share this knowledge within your community. Knowledge is power, and an informed community is harder to manipulate.
  2. Support Transparent Practices: Opt for products and services from companies that prioritize transparency and ethical practices. By doing this, you help build an economy that values integrity.
  3. Contribute Your Story: If you have benefitted from NMN or any other product that has faced similar challenges, share your story. Testimonials are powerful tools that can help sway public opinion and policy.
  4. Participate in Community Initiatives: Join our Tribe or start community initiatives that focus on healthcare reform. Grassroots movements have the power to enact significant changes from the bottom up.

Let's stand united in our quest to ensure that the next breakthroughs in health remain in the hands of the people— not BIG PHARMA.

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Can you tell us which representatives in Congress are supporting this transfer of NMN to big Pharma only.

Jerry Wertelecky

I’d love to buy this if it wasn’t so expensive.


If the FDA takeover of NMN happens, will current subscriptions of NMN automatically switch over to NMMH or will we need to make new subscriptions?


I would say I’m part of a vitamin supplement company, but more it should be stated that I’m a business owner that has partnered with such a company to supply their products to consumers. My question to you: why not call it a vitamin supplement and not a drug? Big Pharma hasn’t touched vitamin supplements and Nutrilite won’t let them. Maybe take that course?


Outstanding company to work with very innovative, that offers continuing support for their customers.

Louis Dyson

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